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Shiqiu Gao


Shiqiu Gao, Male, Born in 1964, Professor of Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

He graduated from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Shenyang Institute of Chemical Technology and obtained his Bachelor Degree in 1987. He entered Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry and got his Master Degree from Dalian University of Technology in 1990. He then worked as an engineer in the Department of Chemical Engineering of the Shenyang Research Institute of Chemical Industry for about two years. He began overseas study in Japan in 1992 and got his Doctor Degree from the Faculty of Engineering of the Gunma University in 1996. He has worked in Japan between 1996 and 2000, as assistant professor in Gunma University for two years and research associate in Koei Chemical Co., Ltd. for two years. He returned to China in 2000 and joined the Institute of Process Engineering of CAS as associate professor and became a professor in 2006.

His research interests cover the areas including clean coal utilization, fluidization, flue gas cleaning, etc. He is now mainly working on coal pyrolysis and gasification for upgrading of low-rank coals and improving the quality of pyrolysis oil and gas. He has published more than 100 papers in journals and coauthored 2 books and 5 chapters. He has applied for more than 50 patents and above 40 patents have been granted.





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