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Wei Ge

Prof. Wei Ge, born in 1970, got his B. Sc. in 1992 and then Ph. D. in 1998, both from Harbin Institute of Technology, China. He has been professor of chemical engineering at Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences since 2006. He is mainly engaged in multi-scale simulation of multi-phase systems, including fluidization, micro-/nano-flow and transport, granular and porous media flows. He proposed pseudo-particle modeling for micro-scale simulation of macro-scale flow behaviors and improved the energy-minimization multi-scale model for gas-solid and gas-liquid flows. As project leader, he developed the Mole series multi-scale supercomputing systems to bridge simulations of molecular details to reactor performance. He is now working on virtual process engineering, trying to establish the digital twins of real engineering processes through accurate realtime simulation and interactive realistic visualization on supercomputers.

He is author of over 180 journal papers and 5 monographs. He won the Outstanding Youth in Basic Science Award of Zhou Guangzhao Foundation in 2008, the P&G Outstanding Youth in Particuology of Chinese Society of Particuology in 2011, the National Science Fund for Distinguished Young Scholars in 2012 and Hou De-bang Innovation award of chemical science and technology of the Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China in 2017. He is associate editor of Chemical Engineering Science, Chairman of the Simulation & Virtual Process Engineering Committee, Chemical Industry and Engineering Society of China, council member of The Chinese Society of Particuology, and adversary board member of the international journal Particuology. He is director of the State Key Laboratory of Multi-Phase Complex Systems, China since 2015.



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