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Yunfa Chen

Yunfa Chen, Male, born in February 1965, Professor, Ph.D. supervisor, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Institute of Process Engineering (IPE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). Prof. Chen is also director of the department of materials and environmental engineering, and director of Beijing research center of nanomaterials engineering technology. Prof. Chen mainly engages in nano-functional materials and assembly technology, environmental purification materials and engineering applications. Until now, a total of more than 280 SCI papers have been published in academic journals, 2 monographs have been written or edited, and more than 70 patents have been authorized. He won the second prize of the National Invention Award, three first prizes and two second prizes of provincial and ministerial level.

Major social part-time positions: he once undertook subject expert of 863 resource and environment field from the Ministry of Science and Technology, vice-chairman of the Blue Sky Project of the Ministry of Science and Technology, member of the National Nanometer Guidance Advisory Committee, etc. Currently, he is a professor at the University of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, chairman of the Chinese Society of Particuology, Consultant expert of the GEM of the China securities regulatory commission, vice-chairman of the air pollution control industry technology innovation strategic alliance, vice-chairman of China powder metallurgy alliance, director of the expert committee of the China waterborne coatings industry strategic alliance, adviser to the special committee on prevention and control of volatile organic pollution of the China environmental society, vice-chairman of the academic board; of the state key laboratory of clean and efficient coal-fired power generation and pollution control, vice-chairman of the high-tech ceramics branch of Chinese ceramic society. He has served as one of the chief editor of journal of Sol-Gel Science & Technology, as an editorial board member of the Particuology, KONA, Green Energy & Environment, etc.



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