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Xinhua Liu

Prof. Xinhua Liu got his doctoral degree from Institute of Process Engineering (IPE) in 2005, and then worked as an assistant professor at IPE. He successfully applied a position as a visiting assistant professor for the period of one year at the Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering of the University of British Columbia (UBC) in 2008. After he came back to IPE as an associate professor in 2009, his research interest moves to the fields of Gas-Solid Fluidization, Coal Decoupling Combustion, Complex Multi-Phase Systems and Chemical Virtual Reality, with particular attention to full-loop steady-state modeling of complex gas-solid reactors, decoupling coal-fired boilers and chemical virtual process engineering platform. He is also the author of about 40 research papers and the originator of over 21 Chinese patents of invention.
 Selected Publications
1. Shanwei Hu, Xinhua Liu*, Nan Zhang, Jinghai Li, Wei Ge, Wei Wang,2016. Quantifying cluster dynamics to improve EMMS drag law and radial heterogeneity description in coupling with gas-solid two-fluid method. Chemical Engineering Journal, doi: 2016.08.084.
2. Zhixin Zhang, Shanwei Hu, Xinhua Liu*, Hui Zhao, 2016. Modeling the hydrodynamics of cocurrent gas-solid downers according to energy-minimization multi-scale theory. Particuology,
3. Xinhua Liu*, Yuefang Jiang, Nan Zhang, Jinghai Li, 2016. Gas penetrating flow through dynamic particle clusters. Powder Technology, 297, 409-414.
4. Meng Zhao, Nan Zhang, Xinhua Liu*, Wei Du, 2015. Numerical simulation of loop seal for a circulating fluidized bed based on an improved EMMS bubbling model. Powder Technology, 284, 443-451.
5. Xinhua Liu*, Shanwei Hu, Yuefang Jiang, Jinghai Li, 2015. Extension and application of energy-minimization multi-scale (EMMS) theory for full-loop hydrodynamic modeling of complex gas-solid reactors, Chemical Engineering Journal, 278, 492-503.
6. Xinhua Liu*. Yuefang Jiang, Cenfan Liu, Wei Wang, Jinghai Li, 2014. Hydrodynamic modeling of gas−solid bubbling fluidization based on energy-minimization multiscale (EMMS) theory. Industry & Engineering Chemistry Research, 53, 2800-2810.
7. Shanwei Hu, Xinhua Liu*, Jinghai Li, 2013. Steady-state modeling of axial heterogeneity in CFB risers based on one-dimensional EMMS model. Chemical Engineering Science, 96, 165-173.
8. Xinhua Liu, Li Guo, Zhaojie Xia, Bona Lu, Mingkun Zhao, Fanxiao Meng, Zhouzhou Li, Jinghai Li, 2012. Harnessing the power of virtual reality, Chemical Engineering Progress, 108(7), 28-33.
9. Fanxiao Meng, Xinhua Liu*, 2012. Parametric effects of superficial gas velocity and cluster internal voidage on the penetrating flow through clusters, Powder Technology, 224, 404-409.
10. Xinhua Liu, Xin Cui, Guang Sun, Toshiyuki Suda, Masahiro Narukawa, Yunyi Liu, Guogang Sun, Guangwen Xu*, 2009. Buildup of high solids flux conveying flow by coupling a moving bed to the riser bottom. AIChE Journal, 55(9), 2477-2481.
11. Xinhua Liu, Guangwen Xu*, Shiqiu Gao, 2008. Fluidization of extremely large and widely sized coal particles as well as its application in an advanced chain grate boiler. Powder Technology, 188, 23-29.
12. Xinhua Liu, Xin Cui, Guang Sun, Guogang Sun, Toshiyuki Suda, Guangwen Xu*, 2008. High solid-flux concurrent conveying flow realized by coupling a moving bed to the bottom section of a riser. Industry & Engineering Chemistry Research, 47 (23), 9703-9708.
13. Xinhua Liu, Guangwen Xu*, 2008. Shiqiu Gao. Micro fluidized beds: wall effect and operability. Chemical Engineering Journal, 137, 302-307.
14. Xinhua Liu, Shiqiu Gao, Wenli Song, Jinghai Li*, 2006. Effect of particle acceleration/deceleration on particle clustering behavior in dilute gas–solid flow. Chemical Engineering Science, 61, 7087-7095.
15. Xinhua Liu, Shiqiu Gao, Jinghai Li*, 2005. Characterizing particle clustering behavior by PDPA measurement for dilute gas-solid flow. Chemical Engineering Journal, 108(3), 193-202.
16. Jinghai Li, Wei Ge, Wei Wang, Ning Yang, Xinhua Liu, Limin Wang, Xianfeng He, Xiaowei Wang, Junwu Wang, Mooson Kwauk, 2013. Chapter 2 & 12, Meso-Scale Modeling: The EMMS Model for Gas-Solid Systems & Experimental Characterization of Meso-Scale Processes. In: From Multiscale Modeling to Meso-Science. Springer, pp. 47-89 & 431-460.

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