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Kaiqi Liu

Prof. Kaiqi Liu, was born in 1969, got his Ph. D. Degree from the University of Science & Technology Beijing in 2005. Then, he conducted his post-doctoral research at Tsinghua University in 2006. He was director of Department of the Advanced ceramic & Refractories, Central Iron & Steel Research Institute. Now, He is engaged as a professor in the Institute of Process Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

His research focuses on new materials and equipment. (1) Advanced ceramics & refractories, such as ceramic membrane, cermets, electric-conducting elements, abrasive parts, carbon containing materials, functional refractory, permeable brick, castables, ramming mixes, plastic refractory. (2) Energy saving and environment materials, such as porous materials, membrane filter, fiber containing materials. (3) Thermal equipment, including coal gasification, thermal conversion, direct reduction, high temperature furnace. (4) Environment equipment, such as hot flue gas cleaning, water treatment and purification, etc.

He is and was in charging of many national research program, such as National High Technology Research and Development Program ("863"Program), National Key R&D Program of China. He developed many new products, which have been industrialized. He has published more than 140 papers, 3 scientific books and has granted 20 patents. He is the editorial board member of Journal of the Chinese ceramic society, Chinese refractories (English edition), Refractories, and Refractory and lime, member of Chinese Society of Advanced Ceramics, member of Chinese Society of Refractories, expert of the Ministry of Science and Technology, etc.

He was a committee member of international conferences, including the 5th & 6th International Symposium on Refractories hold in 1997 & in 2012 respectively, the Ninth International Conference on High-Performance Ceramics in 2015, CMCEE2018, Singapore, etc.


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