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Ning Han

Prof. Ning Han, born in 1982, received his Ph. D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Institute of Process Engineering CAS in 2010. He was a postdoctoral fellow in Department of Physics and Materials Science in City University of HongKong in 2010-2014, and is now a professor in IPE CAS via “One Hundred Talents Plan” since 2014. He works on investigations of the (chemical) preparation – (physical) structure – (electrical and optical) property relationship of semiconductor materials, and has developed highly sensitive and selective gas sensing materials and highly efficient solar cell materials. He has published more than 50 peer reviewed journal articles (with more than 400 citations), 10 conference presentations, 2 chapters in English monographs, and 1 Chinese patent.
Research Interests
Preparation of metal oxide semiconductors, III-V compound semiconductors and applications in gas sensors, electronics and optoelectronics
Selected publications
1.Z.X. Yang+, N. Han+, M. Fang, H. Lin, H.Y. Cheung, S. Yip, E. Wang, T. Hung, C.Y. Wong, and J. C. Ho*, Surfactant-assisted Chemical Vapour Deposition of High-performance Small-Diameter GaSb Nanowires, Nature Communications, 2014, 5:5249;
2.N. Han, J. J. Hou, F. Y. Wang, Y. T. Yen, S. P. Yip, Z. X. Yang, T. F. Hung, Y. L. Chueh, and J. C. Ho, GaAs nanowires: from manipulation of defect formation to controllable electronic transport properties, ACS Nano, 2013, 7(10), 9138-9146;
3.N. Han+, F. Y. Wang+, J. J. Hou+, S. P. Yip, H. Lin, F. Xiu, M. Fang, Z. X. Yang, X. L. Shi, G. F. Dong, T. F. Hung, J. C. Ho. Tunable electronic transport properties of metal-cluster-decorated III-V nanowire transistors. Advanced Materials, 2013, 25, 4445-4451;
4.N. Han+, F. Y. Wang+, J. J. Hou, F. Xiu, S. P. Yip, A. T. Hui, T. F. Hung, J. C. Ho, Controllable p-n switching behaviors of GaAs nanowires via an interface effect. ACS Nano, 2012, 6(5): 4428-4433;
5.N. Han, X. F. Wu, L. Y. Chai, H. D. Liu and Y. F. Chen. Counterintuitive sensing mechanism of ZnO nanoparticle based gas sensors. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical, 2010, 150: 230-238;
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