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The history of this laboratory can be dated back to 1956 when Prof. Mooson Kwauk returned to homeland to start the first fluidization laboratory in China. After 30-year development and extension under the leadership of Prof. Kwauk, it became the Multiphase Reaction Laboratory in 1986, jointly sponsored by Chinese Academy of Sciences and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) with the project entitled “Multi-phase reaction for metal extraction”. Since then, the research areas and research team have undergone a continuous expansion and restructuring. Since 2006, it has been enrolled in State Key Laboratories by Ministry of Science and Technology in its new name, State Key Laboratory of Multiphase Complex Systems (MPCS).

Process industry is the cornerstone industry of a nation, which contribute ~16.6% of nation GDP of China. The process industry of China suffers the problems of high energy consumption, high pollutants emission and high consumption of resources. MPCS devotes to solving these challenges through discovering the common principles of complex multi-phase reaction systems like energy conversion, resources utilization, materials preparation, etc., with the objectives of establishing new methodologies and theories for quantitative design and scale up. The current research activities are as follows:
1.Hydrodynamics, transport phenomena, and numerical simulation in heterogeneous particle-fluid systems
2.Multi-scale method and system integration for complex systems
3.Particularization of gas-solid fluidization, and fluidization of ultra-fine powers
4.Measurement techniques for the multi-phase flow and reaction
5.Preparation and surface modification of ultra-fine (nanometer) powers
6.Physical/chemical process and characterization of nanometer-micron scale
7.Preparations of pollution-eliminating materials (desulfurizers and antibacterial materials).
8.Process and equipment developments for energy utilization and materials preparation
9.New process and related critical techniques for coal utilization
10.Flash pyrolysis and comprehensive utilization of biomass
11.Magnetizing of low grade Chinese characteristic iron ore
12.Ionic liquids and its applications
13.High Performance Computation

MPCS now has 90 staff members with two Academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, 33 professors and 50 associate professors. The staff members have won many prestigious prizes, including two international awards, one second-grade and one third-grade prizes of National Natural Science, one second-grade Award of National Technology Invention, one second-grade award of National Scientific and Technological Progress, and more than 20 awards from CAS, ministries and provinces.  In order to meet different research needs, MPCS is equipped with a number of advanced instruments and custom-built apparatuses. MPCS has paid great attention to communication and cooperation with domestic and international academic circles. In recent years, MPCS organized several international and bilateral conferences. In addition, MPCS has established a joint laboratory with E.T.H Switzerland.

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